Alternative Investments

Fund Partnership Investing

Since 2001, Nan Fung Group has been committed to invest in partnerships advised and managed by leading global fund managers. This helps to cultivate long-standing relationships with top performing managers in different investment markets. Through our extensive networks and exposure in the private equity sector, we serve as a continuous value-added partner as we bring knowledge and experience to the partnership. Our reputation as a well-established investor often makes us attractive as a limited partner to fund managers. We typically meet with managers early on in their evolution and proactively work with them to help them develop their strategy. Subject to the interplay of a number of factors, we may become involved in some of the general partners’ advisory board and/or invest in their management business.

Direct Investments / Co-investments

Nan Fung’s extensive relationships grant us proprietary access to a wide range of investment opportunities. Through our due diligence process, we have been able to identify targeted investments. These investments include investment in well-operated companies that need further capital for growth, acquisition, restructuring and short-term financing. Through working with our portfolio companies, we are able to provide timely exits of our investments and generate consistent returns.