Committing to Mutual Prosperity

Nan Fung Group is committed to investing in the communities and environments it works within. Through the D.H. Chen Foundation, the Group continues to work towards uplifting society for the greater good.

The D. H. Chen Foundation

Founded in 1970 by Dr. Chen, the Foundation supports the development of medicine, education and social welfare with Buddhist values. In 1992, Dr. Chen pioneered the concept of 100% mortgage financing, reducing barriers to home ownership for those who could least afford it. A philanthropist and active community leader, Dr. Chen has served as a member of the Selection Committee for the First Government of Hong Kong SAR, as a Trustee of the Better Hong Kong Foundation and as Vice Chairman of the Association for Celebration of Reunification of Hong Kong with the Mainland.

Supporting the Environment

As a forerunner in sustainable and eco-friendly design, the Group is not only accredited with ISO14001:2004 certification for its Environmental Management System, but was awarded the Indoor Air Quality Certificates as well as Wastewise Logo for various residential, commercial and industrial projects. Nan Fung frequently reviews its environmental management policy and long-term corporate strategy to promote sustainable development. To achieve its goals of sustainability, the Group has adopted the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) to measure, improve and label the environmental performance of its buildings.

Supporting Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Garment and textile industry was Hong Kong’s pillar industry throughout 1950s to 1970s, but it followed the footsteps of traditional manufacturing’s shift into the Mainland since 1980s. Being the industry leader then, Nan Fung Group explored ways to push the boundaries of the industry. This entrepreneurial spirit and care for the community continue till now, and the Group strongly believes that the city’s greatest potential are in original branding and design creativity along with technological innovation, differentiating Hong Kong from scaled manufacturing with high-labour demand and price competition. In 2014 marking Nan Fung Group’s 60th anniversary, the Group initiated the Mills project supporting the fashion and textile startups in a holistic approach.

Charity Initiatives for a Better World

Nan Fung Group is an enthusiastic supporter of initiatives that promote the betterment of society and the environment. Projects have included volunteering to assist with World Wildlife Fund and Lifeline Express flag sales in 2010. In recognition of its commitment to the community, the Group was awarded Caring Company certificates by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Dr. Chen

Dr. Chen

Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM)